Basement Tanking in Poole

Is your basement unusable as a result of damp? Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to use your underground space for storage or as an extra living area? Marvel Home Developments can help, bringing our long experience of basement tanking in Poole to free your basement of damp and allow you to find new uses for all that extra space.

What is Basement Tanking?

Basement tanking is the process of effectively waterproofing underground rooms. Because brick is porous, walls can absorb water. This can be a particular problem with basements, as they are surrounded by earth, which contains moisture all the time. This gradually seeps into the brickwork, resulting in many basements becoming permanently damp. This can be a serious inconvenience, as many people use their basements for storage, and damp can damage any items you may choose to store there, making your extra space essentially redundant. Over time, it can even cause structural damage.

This is where Marvel Home Developments come in. We have extensive experience of providing basement tanking in Poole, which involves us coating the walls and floor of the basement with non-porous, waterproof material, paying particular attention to the joins between the walls and the floor, where moisture is most likely to penetrate. If necessary, such as in cases where the brickwork is old or damaged and the tanking will not stick, we can create a new surface over the existing one, that it will bond to. When the tanking is finished, it can easily be plastered over, resulting in a damp-free storage or even extra living space underneath your home. There are a huge variety of uses for an extra room, and making it habitable will give you the chance to bring your ideas to fruition. It is also a quick and effective means of adding value to your property.

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