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Do you wish you had a bigger home but don’t have the money to match the extortionate house prices? Well, Marvel Home Developments has an alternative solution. Instead of moving, opt for home extensions Dorset! Our team of dedicated professionals specialise in designing and building stunning house extensions that will transform your home, making it a larger space for you and your family.

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Home Extensions in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset

Marvel Home Developments is the go-to company for home extensions Dorset; this is because our planning is meticulous. Without thorough planning, you could face major disruptions and costly additions. To avoid this, our team offer a design and build service, as well as project management. We deliver house extensions from initial concept to final finish. 

Our Dorset Extensions Service

By organising the design, planning, labour, and build of your extensions, we can take all the stress off your shoulders. Before we begin work on your home, we’ll provide an overview of the plan and timescale.

Our Build and Design Service

Our architects will work closely with you to create a design for your extensions that complements your home decor. The shape and size of your house will also be taken into consideration. Below, we have identified the types of house extensions we build.

Front Extensions

Front extensions quite literally refer to the front of your house. This may involve incorporating a new front door, a porch, or bay windows as part of your extensions.

Rear Extensions

Commonly, house owners choose rear extensions when they want to give themselves additional living space. Many opt for conservatories, garages, and in some cases garden sheds.

Side Extensions

Our architects can design side extensions that are single storey and add to the width of your home. Generally, these house extensions are to add space to living areas, and garages.

Double Storey Extensions

This involves our team extending the second storey of your house over your garage. If there is space for this, then it could be a great way for your home to have an additional bedroom.

Why Choose to Extend Your Home?

House extensions are ideal for a growing family who feel there isn’t enough space in their current house to live comfortably. Extensions can create additional bedrooms in your home, saving you from finding a new home with more bedrooms.

House extensions can also transform into separate homes, and we provide extensions to commercial buildings.

Building an Extension

The building process begins with a design and then we will get to the planning stage. Our team ensures that all house extensions are built using matching materials that fit seamlessly into the structure of your home.

Are Extensions Expensive?

When it comes to the cost of extensions, factors include the size of the house and the work involved. Here at Marvel Home Developments, we will provide you with a free no-obligation estimate, detailing the costings involved.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

In short, yes. Our architects will draw up plans of your house extensions and submit them to the planning department of your local council. It can take time to get approval, but we will keep you abreast of developments. 


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Marvel Home Developments is committed to delivering a high standard of workmanship without exception and although our goal is to continue to expand, we will do so without losing our personal touch.

    Why Choose Marvel Home Developments for Your Home Extension in Dorset?

    With vast experience in house improvements and extensions, you can trust Marvel Home Developments to complete your project to the highest standard. From design through to the build stage, we have everything covered. 

    Additional Building Services Available in Dorset

    With vast experience in house improvements and extensions, you can trust Marvel Home Developments to complete your project to the highest standard. From design through to the build stage, we have everything covered. 

    Kitchen Renovation

    From flooring and carpentry to plumbing and electrical, we can do a full or partial refurbishment of the kitchen in your house. All within budget, we offer a wide range of fitted suites to choose from for your house.

    Garage Conversions

    As well as house extensions, we can convert your garage into a room for whatever purpose you desire. Our project manager will help deliver the best results for your home.


    Enhance your house with a brand new conservatory. With many styles and designs to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect addition to your home.

    Competent in all areas of the building trade

    Marvel Home Developments firmly believe in fair pricing

    Customer satisfaction with a personal touch

    “Building with Marvel Home Developments was a smooth, rewarding experience from beginning to end. We researched many home designs and toured many homes before we built, and as a result, our home has many custom details and complex features”


    For more inspiration check out our amazing gallery that showcases previous work that we have undertaken.

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